Accuracy, Speed, and Confidentiality GUARANTEED

Medical Transcription

Sharp Info Solutions, known for quality, dedication, and commitment, offers complete healthcare solutions to hospitals, clinics, and individual physicians through an integrated, secure technology platform at an affordable cost.

If you are a hospital / clinic administrator looking for someone who can provide you with refined transcription solutions, you have reached the right destination. We have a rich experience in traditional transcription, AVR editing, QA sampling, blank checks, proofing, etc. In addition to our own platforms, we have worked on various industry leading platforms including but not limited to Escription, MModal, Spantel, Emdat, Gemstar, etc.,

Dictation Options

Our own platform, "SharpFlo," allows you to simply send your voice files to us through the internet with just a few clicks of the mouse, and you can easily access the transcribed documents the very next day using the same platform. Dictators may use any mode of dictation such as Telephone/Mobile, Dictaphones and External mike, and the voice files will be captured using our own interface.

Additionally, we also pick dictations from your in-house platforms by coding a software interface that transfers files from your existing in-house platform to our own platform.

Delivery Options

Client-ready transcripts can be delivered in any desired format. Sharp has diversified mechanisms of delivery, which allow the documents to follow you wherever you go. We use a 256-bit encrypted data transfer to protect your documents and maintain high levels of confidentiality. We also provide tailor-made delivery options to our clients using:

  • Encrypted Mails with Secure Message Centers
  • Safe and Secure FTP uploads
  • EMR Logins

Storage & Retrievability

Sharp facilitates a free retrieval of all transcripts on our highly secure servers. Based on client requirements, old transcripts (de-identified records) are securely stored for an agreed period of time which can be retrieved on request from our server using SDRP (Sharp Document Retrieval Procedure) at no extra cost.

TAT (Turn-Around Time)

We understand that TAT is highly critical. Our "SharpFlo" monitor queues files based on remaining TAT and hence the files of shorter turnaround time reach the client much earlier than expected.

We provide options to set TAT priorities for all dictations that are uploaded by the dictators. Sensing this, the shorter TAT files get arranged based on remaining TAT, and hence, the files with top TAT priority are processed and returned on a priority basis. A special team handles the STAT dictations and the finished STAT documents are returned back on or before promised time.


A dedicated team is deputed to resolve all operational and technical issues promptly. A 24x7 on-line facility ensures easy accessibility and timely solutions. The account managers are just a phone call away for any assistance.


At Sharp Info Solutions, quality is not just the buzzword, it is our core mantra. We assure our clients a minimum of 98.5% accuracy calculated as per AHDI guidelines.

Sharp Review Methodology helps us in improving the quality standard of each and every transcriptionist and editors on a daily basis. Through SRM, performance reports are derived in the form of graphical representations. It zeroes in on weak areas of medical transcriptionists and guides them to learn from their mistakes if any and helps avoid repetition.

Continuous education programs are in place which helps in circulating information and updates with the entire team. We also have an information bucket facility, into which all new information is fed by every team member and is shared with the entire team during the continuous education programs.

Internal Audits

Sampling of client-ready files will be done on a regular basis to ensure that the files adhere to the committed quality levels. A percentage of files will be audited dictator-wise, editor-wise, MT-wise, and account-wise so that we are aware of our in-house quality all the time. We do not wait for feedback from our clients; we rather know it ourselves through this monitoring mechanism.

This process will be carried out on a day-to-day basis and the feedback if any will be conveyed to the concerned person thereby ensuring that each day's work is absolutely ready to be sent to the client. When it comes to quality, we leave nothing to chance.

Dedicated Team

Client-wise dedicated teams are deputed so that the whole team can specialize and claim total ownership.

Exclusive R&D Team

Sharp Info Solutions has an exclusive R&D team which is responsible for complete research before we take up any new project. This team continues to work with the existing processes and procedures in assisting the production as well as the operations teams to continuously deliver superior results until our clients are totally satisfied.

Formatting Specialists

This team comprises of account specialists and formatting specialists under the guidance of an account manager with updated knowledge to make sure that client specifications are perfectly adhered to.


  • Qualified Doctors, Nurses, and Healthcare professionals used as core team
  • Unlimited STAT Coverage
  • 24x7 Telephone/Online Support
  • 99% Compliance on Turnarounds
  • Client-Ready Quality
  • HIPAA and HITECH Compliant
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Single Point of Contact
  • In transcription business since 2000
  • HIPAA-Compliant Archival On Demand
  • In-House Training Facility
  • Seamless Scalability on Demand
  • Strong IT Team
  • Healthcare related IT Support
  • Competitive Rates
  • Huge Infrastructure
  • Exposure to Multiple Specialties
  • Various Industry-Leading Platforms