Healthcare Analytics (AStar)

Your Problem & Our Solution

Astar is the tailored analytics solution to provide the management with the following solutions

  • RCM & Workflow Optimization
  • RCM Assessment
  • Deep Dive Analytics
Your Problem
  1. Lack of internal access to operational, financial, & clinical data that’s been curated to solve “revenue cycle problems”
  2. Rigid or complex technology that can be intimidating to Excel users
  3. Data Duplication
  4. No single report has complete information On end-to-end Workflow
  5. My Practice’s Health ?
  6. Process measures and Audits
  7. Where is my data?



Our Solution A-Star
  1. Virtual Analytics Enabled Automation
  2. Unified Data Platform
  3. Monitor end-to-end Practice Efficiency at your fingertips
  4. Real time KPI’s Dashboard with Alerts and Notifications
  5. Optimization and Market Trends
  6. Pattern recognition, Forecast & Predictive Analysis
  7. Leveraging Financial & Operational Data Model
  8. Peer Trends
Why A-Star?
  • Unified perspective from the beginning for Clinics & Hospitals from Patient Engagement to Care Management
  • Rapidly Deployable Framework
  • Visually-Driven Application
  • Ability to aggregate Data from all of your EHRs, ERP, RCM, Medical Billing, and other Healthcare Information Management Systems
  • Bring Data to life, Automatic Data Refresh, Interactive Experience with NLP
  • Administrative Capabilities – Access anywhere, any device, enhanced touch on the go
  • A-Star puts your practice’s control in your hands
A-Star In Healthcare Optimization
  • Clinical Workflow
  • Clinical Diagnosis
  • Clinical decision making
  • Patient registration
  • Treatment plan
  • Nursing assessment
  • Quality monitoring
  • Provider diagnostics
  • Provider Assessment
  • Staff and workload management
  • Payer Analytics
  • Care management and Patient Engagement
  • Business office Analytics
  • Auditing Workflow
A-Star RCM Assessment
  • Proactive Expense Variance Analysis
  • Claim Monitoring
  • Denial Tracking
  • Remit Analyzer
  • Charges Analyzer
  • Peer Benchmarks
  • Predictive Analysis on your Practice’s Cash flow
  • Assessment Analysis gives your Payment Patterns, Patient Analysis, Market Trends on claim filing for Relative Comparison
  • In-Depth Analysis of different facets of claims’ life cycle
  • Take Control of your Practice – VISIBILITY and accessibility to big picture of PERFORMANCE
  • Set targets- KPI’s
  • Root Cause Analysis

Practice Analysis

View A-Star Dashboards on Mobile App on iPhone or Android tablets & Mobile Phones

Transaction Analysis

The below Dashboard provides users with insight into the various financial transactions that are executed across their organization’s revenue cycle
Transactions types utilized: Adjustments, Allowances, Bad Debt, Charges, Charity Care, Insurance Payments, Patient Payments, & Write-Offs

AR Analysis

The “Accounts Receivable” summary provides users with a quick snapshot of the organization’s accounts receivables (AR)

AR Aging – An aging categorization representing the number of days between now and the latest discharge date (or billed date, depending on your model)

Denial Management

The “Denials Management” summary provides users with insight into how well their organization is managing denials across several departments: Case Management, Coding, Patient Access, & Patient Financial Services (PFS). For each perspective, a user can gain insight into:

1. Current period denied dollars

2. Current period denied charge rate (Total Denied Dollars/Total Insurance Charges)

3. Trended denied dollars

4. Month/Month denied dollar comparison

5. Top five Denial Rollup Summary (Total Denied Dollars and # of Denied Claims)

6. Denied Account Distribution by Payer (Used to quickly identify high-dollar account denial outliers)


  • The 20-year experience in Healthcare Industry helps us create dashboards for 12 of your most critical KPIs. You can set up multiple Dashboards (filter to Quality or Corporate for example) to allow for multiple or even role-based views of your most important measures.
  • You can view your KPI Dashboard in the Power BI Mobile App on iPhone or Android tablets and mobile phones.

Important KPI’s

  • How are we doing overall?
  • How are we doing against a goal?
  • How are we doing over time?
  • How are we doing most recently?