Review of Records

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Review of Records (ROR) involves medical and non-medical abstraction. Workmen’s comp and other insurance companies have a claimant’s medical records reviewed by a medical provider to determine initial or ongoing eligibility for benefits.

Our team of healthcare professionals assist providers by reviewing medical records given to us in the form of scanned images, transcription documents, etc., and abstracting these documents into shrunk summaries without missing key information and yet making it look neat and trim.

In addition to a team of doctors, we have highly experienced staffs with very good knowledge of English and Medicine that are essential to comprehend and to summarize all types of medical and non-medical records. The highlight of our reviewers is that they do not miss any critical point in any medical record which includes diagnostic reports and yet would produce a review document that is as short as possible.

At present, we serve clients from The United States and all the records are summarized as per the US federal laws and labor codes.

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