Medical Transcription

If you’re a hospital/clinic administrator looking for someone who can provide you with refined transcription solutions, you have reached the right destination.

We have a rich experience in

    • Traditional transcription
    • AVR editing
    • QA sampling
    • Blank checks
    • Proofing

And… You name it, we got it covered!

Besides our platforms, we’ve worked on numerous other leading platforms, such as Escription, MModal, Spantel, Emdat, Gemstar, etc.

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We provide options to set TAT priorities for all dictations that the dictators upload

In light of this, the shorter TAT files get arranged based on the remaining TAT, and hence, the files with top TAT priority are processed and returned on a priority basis.

A special team handles the STAT dictations, and the finished STAT documents are delivered on time or before they are due.

At Sharp Info Solutions, QUALITY is not just the buzzword; it is our core mantra. We assure our clients a minimum of 99% accuracy calculated as per AHDI guidelines.

Sharp Info Solutions.

Business Transcription

We are also specialized in General transcription such as Dictation Notes, Business Meetings, Keynote Address, Insurance, Interviews, Secretarial, Video Conference, Voicemail, Webcasts, and Webinars.

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General Transcription

We have extended our transcription services to Media Transcription (Interviews, reality shows, Podcasts, videos, etc.,), Educational Transcription (speeches, thesis, student notes, lectures, seminars, etc., and Legal Transcription (Hearings, Depositions, investigative, court proceedings, etc.,)


Sharp Info Solutions is 100% HIPAA and HITECH compliant.

We completely understand the sensitive nature of patient data. We also recognize the consequences that may arise due to a breach of protected health information. We have a robust security system that encompasses physical, network, and process safeguards.

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